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McCal Roberts Owner and founder of McCal Video productions, Mac10 Entertainment,Mac10 Soft Inc. and now new and improved  Mac10Inc. with all that underneath his belt Mr. Roberts is known as one of the Islands hard working young Bermudian with his talent and skills, he is truly blessed.


McCal Roberts (CEO/MVP)


























Mrs.  Gina Spence Farmer one of McCal Roberts Idols as Mr. Roberts is pursuing his career he stumbled upon a even greater talent as Mrs. . Farmer taken the time out to teach McCal some tricks of the trade he grasp all he needs to learn with Mrs.. farmer in the past. And then he ventured on his own to create his own company.Mac10 Quotes ..




Khano Smith and his team mates put on an expremley good show last knite at the NSC score 6-1 More




Naziah & Tiny T (New Contract 2008


Dameka Taklyn is one of Bermuda hottest up and coming star in the industry which she is no stranger by performing at local talent shows and concerts and events its no wonder she's the hardest working performer Bermuda has to offer she reaches out to the R/B world as well as Reggae. Taklyn is working on a new contract with Mac10 Entertainment this summer 2008.

Dameka Taklyn has two Boys Naziah Roberts Zowey Roberts which she mothers them both as a parent. and Naziah is currently in the studio wit Mac10 Entertainment as well might as well keep it in the family.













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